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If you're committed to supporting our Fort Hunt community building activities, you're invited to become a supporting member of the Fort Hunt Community Business Association. Please review Supporter features/benefits below and sign up for the appropriate package. If you have any questions, please contact Frazier@FortHuntParent.com.

Welcome to the newest members of our 6/20 Business Boosters Class

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"Becoming a Fort Hunt U Business Booster is the best business decision you'll ever make."
--Frazier O'Leary (unrelated to FHU President)

In 30 days, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Community Exposure - Awesome Introductions - A Platform for Sharing Your Knowledge and Experience - "Hot knife through butter" Gifts that give you Excuses to Connect with Customers, Prospects, and Community Influencers - Masterminding and Business Acceleration Strategies

It's got it all. We SHOULD be charging $15 THOUSAND DOLLARS for this but we're only charging...wait, this can't be right?!? $250.00?!?

(Well, at least there's no way for someone to reduce the price even more by being sponsored by an existing Booster...)

Take a moment to see WHICH of the many benefits is going to be THE ONE that causes you to TAKE THE PLUNGE and join our Boosters Network.
Benefits - Who's who, Weekly Newsletter, Good Morning Fort Hunt!, Calendar, PBS, Scholarships and Credits, Meet the Business Interview, FHU Catalog, Introductions, Guides, Lunch, In person interviews

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