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If you're interested in supporting this or one of the other BIG Academy programs, please email Frazier to learn more.

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Fort Hunt Community
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Develop the Thinking and Problem Solving Skills for Life

Dear ,

I'm SUPER EXCITED about working directly with you to help you start sharing your gifts - your knowledge, your experience, your skills, your passion - more widely to have a bigger impact on students lives.

Please watch the video above where I take you through my journey and share a few key paradigm shifts that can help you avoid the "that sounds like too much work" trap that might be depriving students in your community, in the state, and in the world of benefitting from what you have to offer.

Who's It For

How it works

Skills My Student Will Develop

How much time

Interaction Opportunities


Support Structures

How Much Does it Cost


To our success in sharing your gifts!

Frazier O'Leary
Fort Hunt Community Business Association & BIG Works
"In our neighborhood, Business is Good." tm

About The BIG Academy

These clubs/programs/courses are sponsored and promoted by our innovative, creative, community oriented businesses, who believe that life is better - for everyone - when business is good.

BIG Courses

We are excited to offer enriching, engaging, educational content for students and parents in our community. Want more information? Email Frazier

- Chess Club
- Student Newspaper
- Teen CEO Club
- Congressional Simulation
- Young Programmers Club
- Master Student Club
- Memory Master
- Student Video
- Leadership
- Model UN
- Mount Vernon Youth Service Corps
- Oratoria - Speaking Course
- Historical Wax Museum

About the BIG Network

The Business is Good Network brings together Northern Virginia small business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to growing BIG businesses, businesses that are good for them, good for their customers, and good for their communities.

We provide breakthrough business strategies, resources, networking, and exposure opportunities to support our businesses in achieving their business goals.

BIG was founded by Frazier O'Leary, a serial entrepreneur and community builder, who knows first hand the ups and downs of running a small business. Our membership includes creative, ambitious small business owners from realtors to home services to health and wellness to financial to travel and more.

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Meet Our BIG Network

While You're Waiting

  1. Meet our BIG Members
  2. Check out Past/Upcoming Trainings
  3. Check out Big Network Benefits
  4. Learn about Youth Entrepreneurship

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There are 3 simple reasons that I'm making this training available to you at no cost.

  1. I commit to producing quality business development training for our BIG Network members. Why not share it more widely?
  2. Honestly, you're probably going to want to join the Network once you experience that value it can provide you. Ca-ching!
  3. We encourage our non-member attendees to make a contribution to our KidBiz Venture Capital Fund to support young entrepreneurs in our community. (See details below)

Here's what people are saying

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Some of the benefits of going BIG!

  • Included in our promotional materials
  • Enhanced Networking Profile
  • BIG Ideas Resource Handbook
  • Networking IQ
  • List of Business Acceleration Bonuses to Chooe From
  • Network Builder App
  • Video/Podcast Interview
  • Social Media Blitz

Upcoming and Past Trainings

  • Social Media Blitz
  • Using Video to Transform your business
  • Creating BAIT for your business
  • Publishing Your 1st (or next) Business Enhancing Book
  • Speak and Grow Rich
  • Creating and Leveraging Your MIRROR group