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Community Networking Directory

NOTE: This directory is not sponsored or supported by unless they say it is!

About the Community Networking Directories (for Schools, Neighborhoods, Organizations, and Churches)

Have you ever thought, "Gosh, i'd love to know more about the other parents/neighbors/members in my neighborhood, church, PTA or organization"?

Or have you ever thought, "Gosh, I'd love to have those same people know more about what my business."?

The goal of this Community Networking project is to make it easier for people in our different communities to connect and learn more about each other and to help your favorite schools and organizations to identify potential speakers, sponsors, and resources for internships or jobs.

How does it work? Simple.

Just find the community that you belong to and add yourself.

If you belong to multiple communities (a church, a neighborhood, a parent community for a school, a sports league) add yourself to all of them!

Once you enter your basic information, you'll be able to enhance your profile - with a photo, an introductory video, your LinkedIn info and even an interview (we have a special "Career Day" interview that we make available to our elementary, middle nad high schools to help teachers connect students with the diversity of career paths that are represented by our parents and neighbors).

There is no charge to be listed (but organizations are welcome to this as a fundraiser/friend raisers for their organization. LEARN MORE)

Are you a fan of an organization that isn't listed here? Click here to add it and I'll follow up with a "getting started" link.