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Fort Hunt University is based in the Fort Hunt community of Alexandria/Fairfax.

We discovered that when you combine the incredible knowledge and experience of our residents, community leaders, and business owners with the awesome amenities of our community, you get a pretty cool college campus.

With that insight, Fort Hunt University was born.

Today we share an expanding catalog of online educational and recreational programs with our more than 15,000 residents and we are partnering with business owners on other campuses (communities) who are committed to our BIG ("Business is Good") Philosophy to share these programs with their community.

These programs - for students and adults - include:

Young Programmers Club - Community Calendar - Student Congress - Leadership NoVA - Club Commercial Challenge - Create An Online Course - "Shop Local" Directory - Community E-Newsletter - Gig Board - Family Business Directory - Stock Market Challenge - Scavenger Hunts - Student Newspaper - Marketing University - "Mind Your Own Business Kid" - Virtual Career Day - College Showcase - "Inside the Actor's Studio" - Diplomacy/Model UN - Student Video Challenge - Master Student Club - Introduction to Piano -- and more..

Our first step in launching a new campus is creating a "Who's Who" directory in each of our community campuses to make it easier for community and business leaders to connect and for neighbors to "meet the community".

If you're interested in being a part of the "Community University" movement, please join by clicking the "Join Us" Link above.

New Community Campus Timeline

  1. Identify target community/campus
  2. Identify Community leaders and small business owners who serve the community.
  3. Add them (and invite them to nominate others) for "Who's Who" Directory.
  4. Schedule Virtual Community Networking Event "Meet and Greet"
  5. Schedule Community Networking Lunch for Communty "Who's Who" Photo (Post Quarantine)
  6. Invite business/community leaders to become Fort Hunt BIG Faculty and Ambassadors
  7. Identify and launch first round of sponsored Fort Hunt University online programs for community
  8. Opportunity to become Fort Hunt U "BIG" Faculty