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This question involves what requirements will be involved for someone wishing to serve in teh Congress. Delegates will be able to submit, review, discuss proposals beginning June 17th.

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In order to participate, you need to have two neighbors support your participation. You can give them this link or have them find you.

Mount Vernon Student Congress

The Mount Vernon Student Congress will serve as a forum and a voice for the young people of the Mount Vernon/Fort Hunt Community to:
Review and approve submitted proposals for community programs and activities,

Allocate funds to support those activities,

Share information with their communities/constituents about programs and opportunities, and

to advise elected officials and community organizations in the district about issues of interest/importance to young people.

NOTE:: This page is still under development; please email if you're interested in participating (include Name, grade, neighborhood)
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Our (Virtual) Constitutional Convention will happen this August.
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Date Activity
8/12 Delegate Info Session
Wed, 8/26 Delegate Info Session (10:00 - 10:30 am)
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9/15 First Congress Convened (Details TBD)
Dates subject to change


Current Communities

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Leadership NoVA Faculty Advisors

These community, education, and business leaders provide feedback and advice on the development of the Leadership NoVA curriculum and activities.
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Why the Convention

We will be holding elections for the first Congress in Sept 2019 but prior to initiating elections, we will convene a Constitutional Convention to allow youth from different communities to help determine how the Congress will be constituted and the process for electing representatives.

At the conclusion of the Convention, voting members of the participating communities will have the opportunity to vote on (ratify) the adopted Constitution.

Residents (ages 8-18) in the participating communities can apply to participate as members of their community's delegation and will have the opportunity to propose, discuss, and vote on the elements of the Constitution including:

Participating as a Delegate in Convention

DOWNLOAD INFORMATIONAL FLYER To participate in your community's delegation, you must:
- Live in the designated community
- Be between the ages of 10 and 18 (as of Sept 1 2020)
- Have two non-family residents of your community support your participation
Apply to Participate
Eligibility requirements subject to change

Constitution Questions/ Elements

Submit proposal/question

Questions to be resolved by Constitutional Convention

Structure, Who is eligible to run, who is eligible to vote, how will voting take place, registration to vote (and deadlines), Process for Amendments, Admitting new communities, Limitations, Process for Removing a Rep, Rules/Processes for voting on proposals, selection of officers

Constitution Proposal (Preliminary)

  • 12 Neighborhoods - 2 Senators for Each Neighborhood; Broken down into communities - One Representative per Community
  • Congress will select executive officers and supporting positions to be filled (e.g. Treasurer, Secretary, President, Liaisons with schools)
  • Voting on Proposals will be virtual - scheduled by leadership of Senate and House. Call for a meeting no more than once per quarter.
  • Reps stand for election every 6 months, Senators - every eyear - register to vote (name, address, email) - adults, students over age of 8)

Proposal Voting Process(Proposed)

The Speaker of the House and President of the Senate (as voted on by their respective houses) will be responsible for receiving submitted proposals and scheduling them for:
  • Discussion - in Committee
  • Discussion by full House
  • Voting
Each house will maintain a docket of proposals and will, after a determined process for consideration and discussion, will submit them to the full Congress for voting.
Representatives will have the opportunity to vote YAY or NAY on the proposals. Depending on the type of proposal, a simple majority of votes will signify the passing/approval of a proposal. The Congress will also have the opportunity to allocate funds to specific proposals (process to be determined).

Representatives and Leadership (Proposed)

Speaker of the House - President of the Senate



How you vote - DOcket of Proposals - Committee, Vote out of Committee with recommendationd, Discussion, Questions, Type for Constituent Feedback, Voting Bill of WRONGS:
  • Congress shall make no declaration purporting to speak for the Fort Hunt community on national, international issues.
  • Congress shall not defame or slander an indvidivual or business living or working in the community.
Between the OPENING and the first day, a FOREMAN needs to be elected who will speak for the delegation. FOreman can be removed by majority vote. Proposals - videos - asak questions, register support. List of potential elements
add to your proposal. Add "Planks".

Sample Process

  • Proposal Submitted
  • Proposal SCheduled for Committee or FUll House Discussion
  • Proposal scheduled for Vote
  • Vote
  • Adoption/Rejection of Proposal
  • Proposal Scheduled for Consideration for Funds Allocation (if applicable)

Sample Discussion

VIDEO Proposal

Sample Voting Ballot

Proposal #45
Summary: Develop a coffee house for young people at the Sherwood Hall Library
FUnds Requested: Y - $500.00
SPonsors/Co-Sponsors: Rep. Jones (Waynewood), Rep. Sanders (Hollin Hall), Rep. Davis (Tauxemont)


var schools=" Mount Vernon, West Po, Sandburg, Whitman, WW, FH, SL, BV, Bucknell, HM, var communities="Waynewood, Stratford, Hollin Hall, Tauxemont, Marlan Forest, Riverside Gardens, Williamsburg Manor, Add a community - size requirements var respOfConvention="Initial Convention - procedure for admitting new communities - make application, seating initial class of reps, initial session - proposals and voting" var eligibility="Reg Rep Elig - Rep (ages 10-18), Senators - (Ages 14-18) - live in district School Reps - Student at SchoolBbn - Vote on Education related proposals? - Vote - teacher, student at school By grade