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Congrats. You and your loved one(s) are about to embark on an amazing journey of fun, adventure, connection, community, enrichment, and creation!

Each day there are new activities and new people to connect with, all in a moderated environment, supervised by ME and my army of AI robot minions!

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$99 for 1st 3 months - No ongoing commitment, nothing to cancel
ONE PRICE for whole family (multiple siblings)
Access from anywhere at anytime
New programs and activities added weekly
Control over student connection/privacy preferences
Progress Reports and Completion Certificates
Access to chat/communication transcripts
Pick and choose which programs/clubs/courses students have access to
Direct access to the Professor/Creator! - Feedback, Questions, Concerns, Requests!
Satisfaction guaranteed

At the end of the 3 month period, decide whether to continue and at what level
- $15/mo - (per student) League privileges & Discounted MEMBER price for classes, courses, clubs
- $45/mo - (whole family) Unlimited Access to classes, courses, clubs and full Master Student Club support (No additional fees!)

What Parents and Students are saying!

Mr. O'Leary is the bomb! So fun!

What Your Student Will Do and Learn:

- Debate
- Coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery)
- Problem solving
- Research
- Debugging
- Project management
- Conflict Resolution
- Business Development
- Strategy
- Video Production
- Public Speaking
- Analytical Skills
- Time management and Organization
- Negotiation
- Historical Thinking
- Persuasive Writing

Fort Hunt University TV - It Will "RIGHT" Your Brain!

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What we're covering in class today:

What we're covering in class today
What we're covering in class today
What we're covering in class today
What we're covering in class today

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