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Qualifying for Email Outreach Projects

Because it's very important for RESPONSES to your outgoing emails to be forwarded to our team or processed through our system, we ask that any freelancer that wants to do Outreach Projects watch this video and then email Iris to be "activated".


1. Only start an outreach project if you're willing to monitor your email and either forward response emails to our team OR use the "do it yourself" response processing (depending on the instructions for the project
2. Many (but not all) projects will have "bonuses" so that you can be excited when responses come in!

Email Iris to be activated

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Agent Outreach Project Overview

Please watch this video which explains the overview of the project that I'm going to be assigning to you.

Here it is in a nutshell:
1) Get assigned list of real estate agents
2) Click on agent to open up email template
3) Click to copy Email and Press "Send Email"
4) Paste and send

$12.00 per hour (check screen capture - I believe that you can copy and send 100 emails in a 1/2 hour) - I'm also providing a BONUS of $1 for each agent who responds positively/adopts a neighborhood (and another SPECIAL BONUS if they end up becoming an official sponsor!)

More on that later!


Screen Capture of sending 30 emails

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