Compete in your Neighborhood "Best Block" Challenge and...

Win a Little Free Library for Your Street!

Congratulations! You're registered

But there are still a few things to do to increase your Block's chances of winning the Little Free Library Giveaway in your neighborhood.
Register (1pt)
Like the Fort Hunt Community Page (1pt)
Invite a Fort Hunt neighbor who registers (2pts)
Introduce yourself on Alumni Center (5pts)
Share some knowledge/experience in a micro-class (8pts)
Please watch the video for all of the details and click HERE to add yourself to the Community Networking Directory

And feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Best Block Challenge - Rules

IMPORTANT: Processes and rules and deadlines are all subject to change...but we'll do our best to be fair!

The block that collects the greatest number of points by the end of the challenge (March 31st for Hollin Hall, April 15th for Waynewood) - through participating neighbors and other "bonus" activities - will earn the title of "Best Block" and win a Little Free Library for your street **.

Your block will get 1 point for each current (adult) neighbor who registers for the challenge.

Once you register, you'll also be able to earn bonus points to help your block win!.
Helping other neighbors connect - Sharing a little about your College/Career Experience - Share a little of your Knowledge/Expertise

At the end of your neighborhood's Best Block Challenge, we will tally the total # of points earned and award the Little Free Library prize to the winning block/group of neighbors. (**The prize is $150.00 for the purchase/construction of your block's Little Free Library (or alternate fun neighbor-connecting activity like block Pizza Party!))

BE A BLOCK CHAMPION: Help invite neighbors to participate in the challenge


To be eligible to win the Best Block Challenge, a block must have a minimum of 5 registered neighbors; it may take 24 hours for new registrations to be reflected on the Leaderboard.
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