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Marketing University!

Are you an 11-18 year old interested in Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Promotion, PR or Advertising...or just making more money?

Learn how to help small businesses be more successful, serve more customers, and make more money... and earn money while you're learning!

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March Class starts Monday, March 2nd.
Limited to Students
Open to Students ages

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What we're going to be working on

There are more ways than ever to help businesses get MORE exposure with their prospective customers. Here are just some of the "technologies" and techniques that you'll master and learn how to use to support your business clients.
Event Marketing - Business Analysis - Networking - Print Media - Press Releases - Publicity

$ 147.00 for 12 Week Course
(just $97.00 for children of Fort Hunt residents/business owners).

Get your full tuition back PLUS $50.00 after you complete your 3 month program.

What you'll learn to do.

2. Who you can help. 3. How you make money.

Free for businesses. We have a $25.00 start up memberhsip. You keep $10.00 of every sale. And we want you to focus on helping the business be successful so you have the opportunity to be that business's agent and either do work for them yourself.

Coaching - Consulting - Gigs - Projects.

And we'll teach you HOW.

Maybe you'll just stay connected with them for ideas and referrals.

Target Market:

teachers, parents, homeschool parents, businesses, neighbors
1000 parents to look at this and say, I want this for my student - I want to sign up for the wait list.


$300 - 3-6 students -
$300 credit for services. ** Share the scholarship information.
Inviting businesses - $25 per business that joins.

Inviting students - $10 per new student
12 students prior to Jan 1st. Sponsor A Marketing Student
Create a scholarship for a deserving Marketing Student and Get eauivalent credits in marketing services.
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What Does SUCCESS Look Like

Our goal is to increase your KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE, and CONFIDENCE in being able to help businesses attract more customers and increase their profitability.

Once you register, you will get pre-class resources to be able to accelerator your capabilities. You will be working directly with REAL businesses, generating ideas, implementing projects to help businesses.

Each month, you'll have an opportunity to qualify for a NEXT LEVEL certificate showing your new competency levels.

When you successfully complete your class - specifically your business development project with REAL businesses -- you'll be ready to either market your own business more successfully or contract with EXISTING businesses who will be excited to secure your marketing services.

Your Lead Coach

Frazier O'Leary is a serial entrepreneur who has been working with small business owners and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. He has worked with businesses in fields ranging from real estate to education to legal/financial to home services to health and fitness to find the HIDDEN opportunities to attract customers and increase profitability in their businesses. Frazier is the "Chief Inviter" of the Fort Hunt Community Business Association and works daily with local businesses to help them advertise, attract more referrals from existing customers, promote their businesses through sharing content, and improve their sales processes.

He's also the founder of KidBiz, Inc., a program to help support young entrepreneurs in turning their interests into income. He's excited to share what he's learned with young entrepreneurs to help them discover how they can start making money by providing value to local businesses RIGHT NOW!

Frazier lives in Fort Hunt/Alexandria with his awesome wife Marilyn and his amazing two kids and his "so-so" dog, Cheeks.

Real Businesses, Real Breakthroughs

We have a network of over 1,000 NoVA businesses that we work with to discover REAL Needs and REAL Opportunities to increase sales, income, or profits.
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Jan Class is limited to 13 students. (Get on wait list for following month).
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep.
Cancel Anytime - Satisfaction guaranteed. 3 Months what you'll learn, what you'll do, what you'll earn
How to get started What we do. How to get involved. video -
Start Up Goal:

10 new businesses a month.

Next Level - 25 new per month.

Next Level 50 per month.

Next Level 100 per month.

Carpentry, Web Development, Personal Trainer