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(Fri, Aug 14th)

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We're looking forward to seeing you.

Our focus for the Spring Lunch is a "launch" of sorts for the new Leadership NoVA Initiative. Our goal is to interview and profile community and business leaders who are "doers" on our community and use what we learn as a sort of "curriculum" to help student leaders become more confident, competent, and effective in leadership and project management.

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Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
Fort Hunt Community Business Association &
"In our neighborhood, Business is Good!" tm
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Secret Santa Assignment

You have been assigned to be the Secret Santa for:
Dave Rudy, Branch Manager, Snap Fitness

Dave's Wish List Item

Ideas for how to attract more clients

We're counting on YOU to use your BRAIN, your BUSINESS, or your NETWORK to help make Dave's Christmas Dream come true! Let me know if you need help! (Remember, someone out there is going to be doing the same for you!)
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Special Focus for May Meeting: Fort Hunt University

Our focus for the Spring Lunch is a "launch" of sorts for the Fort Hunt University "Community University" Project.
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- Other event planners
- Someone looking for retail space
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"Ugh! Not another ZOOM Meeting!"

Dear Ambitious NoVA Small Business Owner or Sales Professional,

This is NOT your father's networking event.
(To be fair, your father probably didn't network on ZOOM.)

But this isn't even your father's ZOOM networking event.

This is the Coolest Networking Event / Conference / Business Hangout / Masterminding Event of the Summer...all from the COMFORT of your own home!

It's what happens when you take...
- A Networking EXHIBIT HALL
(so EVERYONE can meet your business and you can meet EVERYONE else's business while you're busy doing other things,)

(so you can walk out of there with BRAND NEW contacts to create connections to attract new clients,)

- Artificial Intelligence-Assisted MATCHMAKING
(so that you'll be handed quality connections based on who you are and what you're hoping to accomplish,)

- AWESOME Speakers and Workshops
(so you'll end the day SMARTER, STRONGER, and BETTER ABLE to accomplish your business goals,)

(to have fun and make DIFFERENT connections (while raising funds for your favorite communities), )

...and add 150 of the smartest, most ambitious small business owners in NoVA...

and bring them all together to connect with each other and help fund- and friend raise to support young community entrepreneurs.

It's like an Explosion of AWESOME!
(note to self - check GoDaddy for

In fact, this event is my opportunity each year to ONE UP the last "Networking For Good" event - to invite NEW people, to attract NEW Speakers, to add NEW activities and features to help people connect in deeper, wider, cooler ways.

For an entrepreneur/innovator, this is the most wonderfullest time of the year!!!

I'm coming!

So let's get a few things out of the way.

# 1 - This event is FREE (at least until the Early Bird Deadline passes or we hit 150 RSVPs).

# 2 - This event is for YOU - to learn, to connect, to promote your business.

# 3 - This event is meant to make you happy and to turn you into a raving fan and evangelist for Fort Hunt University and our NoVA Business is Good Network. (If we do THAT, we all win).




Raise Funds
I'm coming!

"But why should I care, Frazier?"

Why should you add yourself to the list, and then make sure you're there (online) on Aug 14th?

Because You NEED and WANT new clients.

You know contact and connections EQUAL more clients and you want more opportunities to develop your network.

Or you KNOW contacts and connections equal more clients but you DON'T HAVE THE TIME to network.

Or you don't want to invest hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours in networking.

Or you're just shy.

Or you don't know what to say.

Or you have deep seated insecurities and you think you're boring and no one wants to listen to you.

You may be right

(about all of other stuff...Not the "you're boring" thing. I think you're fascinating).

So who are we inviting?

Who will be THERE for you to connect with?

Real Estate Agents - Title Companies - Financial Advisors - Pet Trainers - Painters - Landscape Architects - App Designers - Digital Marketing Specialists - Bankers - Government Contractors - Business Coaches - Martial Arts Studios - Property & Casualty Insurance Agents - CPAs - General Contractors - Home Inspectors - Mortgage Lenders - Physical Therapists - Personal Trainers - Commercial Real Estate Agents - B2B Specialists - Architects - Attorneys - Organizational Consultans - Marketing/Communications Companies - Media - Benefits Consultants - Home Services - Flooring - New Media Experts - Chamber Directors - Elected Officials - Business Finance

Enough people for you to achieve your 2020 goals in one awesome swoop.

But that's not the best part...

I'm coming!

The best part is that you won't be alone in that crowd.

Between NOW and the event, my crack team of Artificially Intelligent Minions are going to spend every minute learning about you, boosting you, and connecting you in advance.

Getting questions answered.

Updating your Networking Profile.

Finding common ground and common interests.

Sharpening your Elevator Pitch.

Surfacing undiscovered connections.

Capturing and Promoting your Networking Intro on Video!

All so that, on August 14th, you'll be compelled to SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS...

"This was the greatest Networking Event of my LIFE!!!!"

And maybe become an FHU Business Booster and tell a friend. (a girl can dream, right?)

So here's what you should do now...

STEP #1 - Add Yourself to the List.
STEP #2 - See who's coming/who you know.
STEP #3 - Pick Opportunities to Get More Exposure & Increase Your Leverage.

That's all I got for you, Kid.

Check out the event shedule, the list of speaker and resources and let's get you on that list so that you're plugged in between now and the "Networking For Good Event"!


Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
The NoVA BIG (Business is Good) Network (supporting Fort Hunt University)
"Life is better when Business is Good!"

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Our Community Sponsors (Alexandria)

These community-focused businesses are making the opening of the campus community possible!

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What's Going On

Networking For Good Event Schedule

7:30 - 9:00 - Exhibit Hall & Networking
10:00 - 11:30 - Hosted Introductions/Speed Networking
12:00 - 1:00 - Battle of the Networking All Stars - Trivia Challenge
1:30 - 3:00 - Business Acceleration Workshops and Networking
Take what you need - Drop In and Out - Come for one or All sessions

Session Overview

Roll over topic to learn about session

I'm coming!

Business Acceleration Workshops

"Lessons from Extraordinary Agents" Panel

One of our scheduled panels involves a panel discussion with some of the top agents in Northern Virginia.

Ron Kowalski

Ron Kowalski Real Estate Group

Brittany Patterson

The Patterson Group - TTR Sotheby's International Realty

Chris White

Long and Foster

Aaron Podolsky

Compass Real Estate

Elizabeth Lucchesi

The LizLuke Team

Lyssa Seward

The Seward Group

Bonnie Rivkin

Compass Real Estate

Dan Rochon

Greetings Virginia - Keller-Williams

I'm coming!

Digital Marketing Workshops

Search Engine Optimization 101

Google My Local Business

Social Media Marketing

Enjoy these pre-Event Resources

I'm coming!

Secrets of Master Networkers

"Developing a Magnetic Networking Mindset"

Basile Lemba

Fairfax Breakfast Club
and The Secrets of Chambers:
Best Practices and Ideas to make you a Networking Wizard...from the Directors of Chambers of Commerce from Central Fairfax to Springfield.

"You're doing it wrong!":

"5 Simple tweaks to make your 60 Second introduction go from Forgettable to FANTASTIC!"

Coach Marvin Powell

The NoVA Referral Roundtable

I'm coming!

B2B Virtual Resources and Workshops

I'm coming!

Meet The Speakers and Vote on Topics (Coming this week...)

(We are currently in topic and speaker brainstorming mode - got a topic that you'd like to learn about or speak on? Email )
Coming this week...

I'm coming!

Your Host

Frazier O'Leary, the Professor Emeritus of Fort Hunt University, is your director and host for the Summer "Networking For Good" Event. Frazier is committed to connecting communities, small businesses, and real estate professionals.

Frazier lives in Fort Hunt/Alexandria with his lovely and talented wife, Marilyn, and his two kids.

Frazier likes to spend his Covid-inspired house arrest creating new programs for students, families, and businesses while playing around with Zoom virtual backgrounds.

What to Expect

Gift Bag filled with Swag


Show Full List

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Resources for Attendees

Enjoy these resources and guides created by our Business Boosters before, during, or after our our gifts to you! (starting July 1st)

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How do YOU Fit In?

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What Happens Next


Videos of Good Things Happening

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Learn About FHU - A "Community University"

12 Community Campuses around NoVA
Faculty drawn from Local Small Business and Neighbor Experts
Programming for Families, Homeowners, Professionals, Neighbors
Robust Student Activities
Knowledge, Networking, and Fun!
Brought to you by our FHU Business Boosters!
Join the Club - Become a Fort Hunt U Business Booster

Our Ambassadors

Invite your business network to attend this "once in a summer" networking and learning opportunity and you will be proudly included in our Ambassadors "Wall of Fame" AND you have a chance to win our "Top Inviter" prize - $150.00 to donate to your favorite organization in your community!

I'm coming!

Meet The Organizations Our Attendees Are "Playing For"

After you register to attend, you'lll be able to nominate your favorite school, church, or community organization from one of our community campuses to be the recipient of funds that they raise or win during the event.

Attendees can win funds by inviting members of their business network to attend, competing in our "Battle of the Networking All Stars", or just by being in attendance during one of our hourly drawings. (More details this week)
Coming this week...

I'm coming!

Take a Sneak Peek at the Booths in the Exhibit Hall

Our exhibit hall will feature virtual booths where our attendees, partner organizations, and community organizations can share lots of cool information about their businesses using our "drag and drop" Booth Creator. (More information coming this week)

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Meet our Networkers

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Shout Out to Our NoVA "Business Is Good" Network Boosters NoVA

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