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We at Greetings Virginia and members of our Extraordinary Business Network are committed to supporting our neighbors - whatever they need.

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The BIG Philosophy

Thanks for connecting with the NoVA "Business is Good" Network. We believe in connecting small businesses - with each other, with business development strategies, and with their communities - to ensure that Business is Good... in 3 Distinct But Complementary Ways.

Good for Your Customers/Clients

Helping MORE People Solve Their Problems, Achieve Their Goals, Improve Their Lives
Good for You and Your Family

Building and Enjoying Highly Profitable, Sustainable, Delegateable Businesses
Good for Your Community and Your Causes

Using Businesses as Engines that Can Fund Program Sponsorship, Community Support, and Charity
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Meet the People who connect and serve Fort Hunt (pull)

(Pictured: From Left: Carl Craig (Home Team Home Inspection), Nicole Scott-Howe (Redesign in a Day), Craig Herring (Principal, Walt Whitman MS), Paul Dean (Paul Dean Attorney at Law), Delia Montecino (Community as School - Walt Whitman), Adam Bellacicco (Edward Jones), Paige Totaro (Unquote Travel), Larry Jones (Principal - Fort Hunt ES), Roberta Masters Cullen (Alexandria Children's Theater), Jeffrey Schroeder (Honeycomb Construction) , Robin Farmer (Screen Them Background Investigations), Robin Cellini (Hollin Hall 529), Marilyn O'leary (Piano Lab), Susan Fleischman (Zebra Press), Catherine Noonan (Martha Washington Library), Dawn Sykes (Brite Paths/Financial Empowerment Center, Patrick Coye (Patrick's Painting), Mary Ellen Freesland (Pawsitively Possible! Dog Training), Kevin McMorris (Stratford Landing ES), Susan Deller (Mount Vernon At Home), Bob Melone (Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church), Dan Rochon (, Sonya Hampel (Curves), Cheryl Ellsworth (Curves))

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